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World's first real-time grass cutting monitoring platform.


Introducing TRIM, Real-time Turf Monitoring System – a groundbreaking solution in landscape management services developed in collaboration with NParks, Singapore. This innovative technology unlocks a realm of endless possibilities, stepping into the future of landscape management and experience the power of streamlined inspection workflows, precise quality assessment, and informed decision-making for long-term success.

Leveraging on SpaceAge Lab’s smart technology, we have been able to conduct grass height inspections more effectively with less manpower.

Mr Ryan Lee ,

Group Director, National Parks Board, Singapore

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70 + Devices deployed

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5+ Contractors


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1+  year of successful pilots

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Rugged Hardware

An Industrial-grade Grass Height Sensor device with precision tracking capabilities developed for use in harsh environments. Leveraging Real-time Kinetics (RTK) technology, its high- precision location services enable customers to monitor their remote grass-cutting operations with great accuracy. TRIM enables the digitization of grass-cutting operations for greater visibility of remote operations, performance, and efficiency improvements for Landscape contractors. 


Reliable Software

Experience the future of landscape management with TRIM's software. Real-time landscape monitoring provides instant insights, while effortless data management ensures  secure and organized records.

Smart automation and actionable insights streamline operations, Additionally, with intuitive mobile accessibility, control is in the palm of your hand. TRIM doesn't just manage landscapes; it empowers you to master them. 


Contact Us

Trim Logo_Black.png

World's first real-time grass cutting monitoring platform.

+65 83228595

Unit #04-03

Singapore Water Exchange (SgWX)

84 Toh Guan Road East

Singapore - 608501

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