Our sensor-agnostic, device-to-software remoteEye IoT Platform enables numerous connected operations and maintenance solutions across various verticals.

One platform, multiple sensors, multiple applications. 

Water & Wastewater

Water is a precious resource that is essential for life; however we feel that we are not monitoring the various crucial remote and distributed assets (pumps, pipes, rivers, sewers etc) in this industry well enough.


Real-time data is rare. Management is often guesswork. Inefficiencies are rife. 


Our IoT solutions help water utilities monitor all their assets and make data-driven decisions:

  • Water Level Monitoring​

  • Water Quality Monitoring

  • Pipe Corrosion Monitoring

  • Leak Monitoring

  • Pump Condition Monitoring

  • Sewer Level Monitoring​

  • Sewer Toxicity Monitoring

  • Manhole Overflow Monitoring

  • Water Metering

  • Equipment Fault Monitoring

Water IoT.jpg

Heavy Industries & Manufacturing

Maintaining industrial equipment and processes are essential to meet output requirements, safety standards and financial goals.


However with rising labor costs, lack of skilled workers and aging equipments it is a challenge to meet these goals.


Our IoT solutions help industrial operations and maintenance teams monitor all their assets in real time, detect faults and respond to situations better.

  • Connected PLC​

  • Process (flow, pressure, level, temperature) Monitoring

  • Asset Location Tracking

  • Outdoor Lighting Fault 

  • Diesel Generator Monitoring

  • Cell Tower Monitoring

  • Equipment Condition Monitoring

  • Solar Panel Monitoring

  • Pipeline Monitoring

  • Freezer Monitoring

  • Boiler Monitoring

Apartment Building

Cities, Buildings & Facilities

Today, more than half of the world lives in cities. By 2050, almost 70% of the world will be urban.


This rapid growth in cities, is putting a lot of pressure on its buildings, infrastructure and other critical assets.


Our IoT solutions help facilities management teams & public agencies monitor all their assets in real time, detect faults and respond to situations better.

  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring​

  • Water Metering

  • Energy Metering

  • Outdoor Lighting Fault 

  • Water Pump Monitoring

  • Weather Monitoring

  • Outdoor Lighting Fault Detection

  • Chiller System Monitoring

  • Intrusion Monitoring

  • Structural health Monitoring

  • Water Tank Level Monitoring

  • Grass Height Sensor System (GHS / GHSS)