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We have helped enterprise and public sector customers connect critical assets & processes to the internet of things and have delivered actionable insights using data analysis and machine learning.

Why connect your assets to the

internet of things?

Increase Uptime

with sensor data driven predictive maintenance

Peace of Mind

with real time asset visibility on your phone or computer

Reduce Costs

with less manpower and higher efficiencies


remoteEye IoT Platform

A complete, sensor agnostic, easy to use platform for connected operations and maintenance.

rEye IoT


Low Power Wireless Industrial Sensor Transmitters



Long Range, Low Cost Wireless Networks for IoT Devices

rEye IoT


Scalable, Secure Cloud-based IoT & ML software 


Customer Testimonials

Cheng Ann Tan

Managing Director, DHI

SpaceAge Labs has demonstrated the ability to link old processes and operations to the cloud, and guided our mutual end customer through their digital transformation journey.


Working together on a utilities project, SpaceAge Labs provided reliable sensor data feed using cloud services, and this has enabled us to develop very innovative AI solutions together.

 They are flexible and customised their solutions to fit into our workflow. They are knowledgeable and adept in the domain. A highly recommended team.

Shailesh Kharkwal

CEO & Co-Founder, Environsens

SpaceAge Labs' team is efficient, energetic and client friendly. They provide out-of-the-box solutions.

Lau Yew Hoong

Managing Director, PMPS Liner Technology

Our company has been working with SpaceAge Labs since it started its operation and has found their products and services to be innovative, friendly, easy and competitive. 


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